90 Days of Meditation

Give yourself the gift of daily practice

This course will help you develop a daily mindfulness practice that feels as normal and natural as brushing your teeth. If you have been thinking about trying mediation, downloaded an app (or three), bought a book or read an inspiring article - this is your opportunity to make it happen. Over 90 days you will find a style that suits, create a habit that sticks and benefit from the support of a group of like-minded people.

If you are ready to give meditation a go for yourself, but would love a little support, inspiration and guidance as you do - you are in the right place

Benefits of Meditation

Mindfulness & meditation are enjoying a surge in popularity at the moment, thanks to the sheer volume of scientific research supporting the benefits of regular practice. For example, daily meditation can:

Sounds pretty great hey?

Personally, meditation helps me manage my stress levels, and generally feel a little happier. It hasn't radically changed my life or helped me find enlightenment, however each morning after I sit, I feel lighter, refreshed, and somehow better about getting off the cushion to start the day. Since I started sitting daily, my sleep has improved and even my Grandma commented that I seem calmer! With all these positive side effects, why not give it a try?

So, is this for you?

Committing to sit each morning for 90 days isn't for everyone, I get that. I designed this course for busy, hard-working, creative people who feel drawn to trying meditation or keen to create the habit, but are frustrated and not sure how to make this happen.

If you are ready to create lasting change in your life, start today with the simple habit of meditation

How will the course work?

When you sign up, you commit to sit and practice every day for 90 days. To support your committment you will receive emails, pdf guides, videos, guided meditations to download and inspirational reading suggestions.

Create change - one breath at a time, one step at a time, one day at a time

You will also be invited to join a private Facebook group where you can meet other people who are on the same journey! Learn how to sit each day at home, and how you can work mindfulness practice into other areas of your life - such as the daily commute, or your lunch break.

What's included?

Help yourself while helping others - 50% of profits will go to MSF's work in Nepal

Best of all, by signing up to create a beneficial habit for yourself, you will also be helping others. 50% of all the profits from this course will be donated to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to support their work in Nepal after the recent earthquakes.

Meet the Teacher

I'm Emily Cordes and I've written and created this course, and will be supporting you through-out. I'm a yoga and meditation teacher with over 10 years experience and I'm committed to helping people discover the simple pleasure of daily meditation.

I know how hard it can be to create a new habit. For years I struggled with sitting for meditation at home by myself. Courses, books, MP3s, apps - I tried them all but nothing translated into a lasting habit. Eventually I made a committment based on a few simple principles, and sat each and every day for three months. These days sitting each morning feels natural and normal - as routine as brushing my teeth. I would love to show you how I made this happen, and help you create your own new mindfulness routine. If you'd like to get to know me better, come say hi on Instagram or Twitter!

Sign up today to create a positive habit that feels like a gift not a chore

Still not sure?

I understand that squeezing another activity into your busy day can feel overwhelming. Meditation can seem like another healthy task we should tick off from our daily to do list in order to feel like we live a good life. My hope is that this course will help you shift your perspective on this - daily meditation can be a gift you give yourself each morning. There's nothing to achieve with the practice - the very act of sitting and giving it a go is both the means and the end. By the end of the 90 days you will feel about your daily sit the way you feel about taking a shower or brushing your teeth - no big deal, you just know you feel better when you do it daily.


Here are a few kind words from previous students:

"I signed up to a weekly yoga class with Emily through a friend who had said what a nice class it was. I was a little tentative, reticent and nervous especially in the initial couple of classes as yoga hadn't been on my radar but having a wonderful teacher like Emily makes it so easy and such a great experience that I now look forward to it each week and have integrated it into my weekly exercise programme. Emily has a wonderful, calming and genuine manner about her and is also very encouraging as I try the challenge of pushing myself to try poses I didn't think I would ever be able to do. I would recommend Emily to anyone who is starting out on the yoga journey or a regular practioner. She's fabulous." ~ Vicki Shaw, Greenwich NSW

"Emily put me on the path to recovery and confidence and that is no exaggeration! She is a kind soul and a patient teacher." ~ Priyanka Bhatia, Canberra ACT

"Yoga with Emily is such a wonderful and enlightening experience. Her calm and beautiful nature creates a safe, supportive environment and her passion and knowledge on the theory of yoga is inspiring. Emily came and taught lunch time classes at my office and everyone agreed it was the perfect weekly escape! And that we wouldn't want anyone else to take our class but her. I've been doing yoga for years but Emily's nurturing guidance has helped me improve my practice considerably. Her method of articulating the purpose of simple yoga poses in a way that hasn't been explained to me before has been a revelation and I would recommend her to anyone - advanced or beginner." ~ Katherine Mackenzie-Smith, Crows Nest NSW

"Emily taught me yoga at home for over a year, and she was always such an encouraging and supportive teacher. I looked forward to getting on the mat to practice, and even felt motivated to keep going on my own! Her classes were always uplifting and inspiring." ~ Juliet Cohen, Greenwich NSW

"As soon as I met Emily for our first yoga class, I knew we were in good hands. She is warm, friendly, calming and very professional. The most amazing thing for me was how transformative the classes were. I would start tense, with my mind racing about all the things going on in my life and by the end of the practice I would feel like I was standing tall with a wonderful sense of serenity and calm.

Over time, through classes with Em I came to see how our mind never stops. I also learned how important it is to stop, focus on your breath and calm those thoughts. I learned that breath has a direct link to your brain and can change your behaviour and you can learn to decrease anxiety through breath. Eventually I started my own daily practice which would set me up nicely for the day. If a friend, family member or colleague asked me, "so, why did you like yoga with Em, should I try a class with her?" My reply would be that I loved yoga with Em, if she is teaching don't hesitate - pick up the phone and get into one of her classes, you won't regret it for a minute." ~ Nicky Cooney, Castlecrag, NSW

Let daily meditation practice become a pocket of calm in your busy life

A Word of Warning

This course will work, if you are prepared to work. I have poured my heart into writing content that will help you develop the habit of daily meditation - but it is still up to you to sit each day, start the timer, and give it a go. There will be inspiration, advice, Q&A sessions with me and the support of the Facebook community to help you on your way - but if you know that there's no way you'll make the effort to sit, then don't sign up for the course. I want to help those who really want to learn and give this practice a good go. That said, the effort you put in will be well worth your while! After 90 days you will have a habit that could last you a lifetime.

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Why 90 days?

Experimental evidence suggests that a new habit takes on average around 66 days to form. My own teacher suggested 90 Days to cement the habit of daily meditation, and this worked well for me, so I chose to continue with this suggestion. You may feel that the habit becomes natural and routine before the end of the course.

What if I can't do it?

If you are struggling to sit, you will not be alone. This is not an easy committment to make - but I can assure you it is worthwhile! Take your struggles to the Facebook group, or please feel free to email me and I will see how I can help.

How much time will the course materials take to read?

You time committment will be 12 minutes each morning, plus optional journal time, and up to an hour each week reading and watching videos. You are welcome to take the course materials at your own pace, as this course will be emailed to you.

Meditation is my secret weapon - it helps me work smarter, enhances creativity and adds a depth & vibrant quality to my days


Over the past 30 years, experimental evidence has demonstrated many health benefits of meditation. Just a short daily session has been shown to help you feel calmer & happier; it can help you focus more efficiently; improve your heart health; and even sleep better. We will look at more research during the course, feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about the health benefits of meditation.

Any more questions?

If you have any further questions about the course, please feel free to send me an email - emily (@) emilycordes.com or ask on Instagram or Twitter. Committing to sitting each day, giving myself this gift of stillness every morning, was the best decision I have made for myself in a long time. I hope you'll join us and find out for yourself how beneficial it can be.